Basic Board and Train Program

Our Basic Board & Train Program is designed for those individuals whose lifestyle doesn't allow them to personally participate in the day-to-day training of their pet. Our 4-week program covers all the same exercises as the group classes, with one exception: the Basic Board & Train Program is 100% GUARANTEED! We fully guarantee that at the end of 4 weeks, your dog will be able to:

Heel on Leash

Sit on Command

Down on Command

Sit Stay

Down Stay

Come on Command

PLUS, we give owners two private lessons so they can learn the commands that their dog already now knows. The follow-up private lessons give you the opportunity to review your dog's new foundation obedience skills and work with your personal trainer one-on-one to transition to your own handling for continued training and skills development at home. just 4 short weeks, you and your pet can embark on a long and enjoyable relationship.

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