Hey Linda,

I got the diploma.. Nemo was real proud! I have attached the link I told you about (skidboot) and I have also attached a picture of Nemo doing his thing on the front of my boat.

I am very appreciative for the time you spent with Nemo—he’s doing great. Not only is he doing well with the obedience training that he received; he is doing well learning new things which would never be the case without the basic training he received. Given our situation around boat launches and marinas, having Nemo understand and respect commands is very important ---you have made that happen… thanks a million!!

Captain Rick and First Mate “Nemo”


Dear Linda,

Thank you so much for helping me with my little boy Nikki. He would not listen to a thing I told him. Now,  since he has had your training, he is a much better companion for me. He comes when I call, try o run away when I need him to stay. I know you love him as much as I do. I know he was a handful to train, But you were a success!!! We will see you next year for my annual boarding.

Thanks again,


Thank you for training Walker. Here’s his picture with Santa.



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